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This is the reply from the Local Government Ombudsman Mr. Sam Rogers. To say that I am not amused is perhaps an understatement, but that will be made clear in the reply. Here then is what Mr. Rogers thinks about all the blogs n videos that I have made since my 2004 protest campaign outside then Welsh Assembly on behalf of my self and all other vulnerable adults in Wales, that includes those on the minimum wage.

Their ref: /200900364 Their telephone: 01656 644204

Dear Mr. Gabriel

Further to our recent correspondence. I have now had the opportunity to review the information I have received from Cardiff County Council regarding your complaint of mal-administration.

As I explained in my letter to you of 10 July, from your various blogs and Youtube videos as well as your complaint to us I have determined that there are two aspects of your complaint which fall within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman – namely the alleged anti-social behaviour of your neighbour, and the status of your housing transfer request to the Council. I have also looked into the way in which the Council handles your correspondence.

I should explain that the reason I have determined that these are the only aspects of your complaint which fall within the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction is due to the limits imposed by the public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Act 2005. As these limits are legally binding, they cannot be overridden or set aside. These limitations mean that the Ombudsman has no authority to investigate the police or the judiciary, amongst many others, so he is prevented from considering your complaint against South Wales police or the more general complaint against Judge Hickinbottom. In addition, the Ombudsman may only look into complaints made against public bodies detailed by the above Act. As such, he is unable to investigate the issues you have raised with relation to the TV Licensing or Dwr Cymru.

As I have described above, the three issues you have raised that do fall within the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction are the anti-social behaviour complaint against your neighbour, how your housing transfer application has been dealt with and the manner in which Cardiff County Council has treated your correspondence. I have also spoken to Adults Services to see if they can help you.

Firstly, I understand that you have been visited by a Mr. Gaughan from Cardiff County Council, who is a Senior Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, and who has spoken with you About your longstanding issue with your neighbour, Mr. Watkins and his lodger Mrl. downs. From Mr. Gaughan’s investigation into this issue I notice that you consider yourself to be ‘noise sensitive’, and as such even everyday noise irritates you. You so however feel that on occasions your neighbour makes noise deliberately in an attempt to annoy you. Mr Gaughan has concluded from the interviews he has conducted with you, Mr. Watkins and another of your neighbours, Mr. Fowler, that there has been no official complaint of noise nuisance, and so no further is necessary on the part of the Council. He also notes that the ‘tit-for-tat’ nature of the noise nuisance would most likely result in the Council being unable to determine who was at fault even in the event of an investigation being carried out, and I am satisfied from the evidence both he and you have provided that this is the case. Mr. Gaughan comments that the anti-social noise you claim is made by Mr. Watkins seems to be largely due to his employment, which forces him to work shift patterns which often start or finish at unsocial hours. In light of this information, I am not persuaded there has been any mal-administration on the part of the Council in relation to this point, as the Council cannot investigate noise nuisance where no complaint has been made. After I brought the matter to the Council’s attention it has acted promptly and appropriately to determining if there is any issue to be resolved. It has concluded that there is none; but the fact you disagree with this assesment is not itself evidence of mal-administration.

Turning now to the matter of your housing transfer request, from the information the Council has provided it appears that you were first sent a housing application form in October 2008 bu8t this was incorrectly filled out when it was returned to the Council. It was subsequently returned to you, but the Council has not received the completed form. From my conversations with the Council, I understand another housing transfer application form has been sent to you, and I would urge you to take the Council up on the offer to assist you in filling out this form so that you8 might be added to the shortlist for a property away from Gxxxxx xx(hidden for privacy reasons) However , I must stress that you may not be eligible for a bungalow, which I believe would be the property of choice, although of course this is entirely dependent on the properties that become available in the areas you have chosen. In addition, you may find that you are not re-housed immediately, but rather that there is a delay as your application progress to the top of the shortlist. This is standard practice for transfer applications, and it may take some time for you to be re-housed. Such a delay would not constitute mal-administration on the part of the Council.

I should explain that this is not the role of Council officers to fill in housing transfer forms on behalf of an applicant. They do however offer guidance and assistance on how to correctly do so, but the onus is on the applicant to ensure that the form is correctly filled out and returned to the Council. As such, it is vital that the completed form be returned to the Council to be processed if you still wish to be moved from Gxxxx xx. I am not persuaded that there has been any mal-administration in relation to this point, as the Council has never received a completed transfer form from you.

In relation to the way in which your correspondence has been dealt with by the Council, I have to tell you that I am satisfied that when you have directly contacted a Council officer about a specific issue you have received an appropriate and timely response, which has addressed all the points you have raised. It should be noted that blogs and online videos are not a satisfactory or recognised form of communication when raising issues with a public body, and so where you have simply directed various officers to your blog homepage, I am not persuaded that it would have been reasonable for them to analyse your diverse entries in order to ascertain if you had a valid complaint. I have therefore determined that there is no evidence of mal-administration on the part of the Council in this respect.

You have mentioned numerous times that you feel that Cardiff Council is failing in its duty to you as a vulnerable adult. After speaking with Alan Clouth at Adults Services, he has confirmed to me that the only contact with you thus far has been to offer you a mental health assessment, which it appears you turned down as you did not wish to see a psychiatrist called Jawad. I feel I should explain that a mental health assessment is a necessary precursor to the Adult Services team being able to help you, in the same way that it is necessary that you complete a housing transfer application before the Housing Department can consider you for a transfer. If you wish to undergo a mental health assessment to see if there is anything that Adult Services can help you with, you should contact the Adult Services team at Cardiff Council, who will be able to arrange one for you.

Finally, I note that a recurring theme through many of your blog post is one of ‘Criminal Negligence by the Establishment’. As I have described above, the Ombudsman has certain restrictions on matter he may investigate, and in any event, ‘The Establishment’ is such a general term that it is unlikey that any investigative body will find that it falls with their jurisdiction. I f you wish to make a complaint to anyone about your treatment in future, you should ensure that you are complaining about a body that is their jurisdiction, and that your complaint is submitted in an appropriate format via the appropriate channels. However, for the Ombudsman would not be able to investigate a complaint of criminal negligence, as criminal matters fall outside of his jurisdiction, as I have explained above.

For the reasons I have given, I am sorry to tell you therefore that I have concluded that your complaint is not one which we should investigate.

I have copied this letter, which constitutes a formal statement of reasons for the decision not to investigate your complaint, to Cardiff County Council. If you disagree with this decision please write to me within 28 days requesting a review and setting out the reasons why you disagree with the decision.

Please let my office know if you want any documents you have provided to be returned to you. We routinely destroy our files 15 months after the case is closed.

Yours sincerely
Sam Rogers
Assistant Assessment Officer.

Hi Mr Rogers the World and the Usual Suspects

This blog represents my request for a review of your determination as of Tuesday the 1st September 2009.

I would first like to highlight that there appears no reference what so ever in the role of the Welsh Assembly Government in the Criminal Negligence with regards to my health n Welfare. Not that it surprises me any longer Mr. Rogers what with the Quango that is the Local Government Ombudsman a part of the Establishment. I have mentioned in the multitude of blogs that I have created how members of the ruling party at the Welsh from the Health n Social Services Minister, the First Minister and the Presiding officer have treated any blog (a letter of complaint placed on the world wide web) and electronically delivered. With total disregard, that constitutes Malfeasance in my opinion and being good enough grounds for determining that Mal-administration has been at work, the net result of which is Criminal Negligence. Could you explain why their role in all of this is not mentioned in your determination and how is it that you rule their role out as not being worthy of mention?

I shall when I have time look into the 2005 Act that you mention, to check the validity of your claims in paragraph 3. I wonder if public bodies include the IPCC and their blocking of emails from me, you will find plenty of references to this if you looked at all the blogs but I have the feeling from your comments later on that you have not. The IPCC it appears like the Equality Human Rights Commission act with the same callus disregard for myself as for all others housed in Sub-Standard housing. Their ignoring of complaints made by me with regard South Wales Police is remarkable as is the Medias refusal to hold them to account. Which is tantamount if you read the blogs to saying that South Wales Police are free to perjure any evidence they like, given that I have consistently had to open up new email addresses in order to by pass the IPCC block on my main email account for all this stuff.

Two other quangos are paid via central government with civil servants trying to climb the ladder of success to the top, told by their superiors to ignore certain complainants it would seem. Even the IPCC Internal Complaints Division refuse to respond to emails from me. But I am well used to that mistreatment. Much like the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner who refuses to respond to my emails, and I have given up on ever seeing Julie Morgan my MP wife of the First Minister Rhodri ever brought to account for her part in the Criminal Negligence by ignoring my complaints. You ought to read the Gordon Brown another email scandal blog for evidence of that. Some of the organisations that I have sought help from to free me from the intolerable situation of being a Cardiff County Council tenant of a sub-standard property, who other issues mentioned below have met with stoney silence.

But I imagine you will say, ‘Sorry Crazydave these are other organisations that the Ombudsman cannot hold to account’. Well if you cannot have any idea as to who can, because the Prime Minister certainly isn’t interested, neither are House of Lords members, and it seems that the Strasbourg feels the same way.

Let deal with paragraph 5 of your letter now and Mr. Gaughan and Mr. Tumelty visit the Senior Anti-Social Behaviour Officer. Firstly this is a freedom of information request for a copy of the report that they produce for you. secondly the complaint with Mr. neighbour Mr. Fowler is not one of noise, it is one of Harassment, Intimidation, Threats of violence and Threats of Arson to my property. Given that I have a video record of the interview held with the said gentlemen at Gabalfa Library because a) Mr. Fowler was ear-wigging the conversation when they turned up at my home b) because Mr Watkins lodger was in the house at the time, and I dislike having my conversations overheard by that individual, ans c) I did not wish them in my home. I find it remarkable that they came to the conclusion that you mention in this determination of yours given the information contained in the videos and blogs and they do indeed constitute complaints of which Cardiff County Council have been continually updated. (below is a copy of the two emails sent to Mr. Gaughan).

I am considering placing those videos on youtube. What I wonder is did Mr. Gaughan ever get a list of the numerous complaints made to south wales police by me since 2002 when the harassment really started?? and if not why not. Had you read the blogs then you would know that the complaints have been forwarded by email to Uncle Tom Cobbley and all i.e. The Usual Suspects who it appears have aided and abetted these acts against me through inaction (Malfeasance).

As for noise. Can you explain to me Mr. Rogers why there are Minimum Building Standard Regulations? Is it so that unscrupulous Landlords cannot let properties that do not meet such standards?

Well this property hasn’t met minimum building standard regulations for either air-borne or floor to ceiling sound transmission values since the time I moved here in July 1999, and while two attempts have been made to rectify it, both have failed. I wonder if Cardiff County Council has furnished you with a copy of the Corporate Complaint 99-3-2 seeing as your organisation has probably dumped your copy, so that you can see the other outstanding issues with regards that corporate complaint. Perhaps if the Ombudsman did a follow up to complaints with the complainant then they would not still be outstanding. I bet you have not asked Cardiff County Council how is it that Crazydave did not get a new back door at the time of the new front door being fitted, surely not another oversight, in the list of hundreds, given the emails sent highlighting their Negligence. After all I gave the contractor the specification for both front and back door as the form required of me.

I have also mentioned enough times, the look of delight on Mr. Watkins face the last time he was ever allowed in this flat, at the shuddering of the whole ceiling when his washing machine was on, but if you knew anything about the modus operandi of bullies, then sighting them above a vulnerable adult in a house not fit for purpose, brings only joy to the sick minded, of which I can only class all who have allowed this to continue for so long. Members of your organisation such as Mr. Daniels being one such and it would appear from your determination that you are another.

Minimum Building Standard Regulations ought to be enforceable whether the culprit is a private landlord i.e. Mr. Watkins or whether they be a County Council. More especially if they are a County Council as they have a duty of care, that in this instance they have taken a great delight in ignoring. I trust you will look at the video of my public question to CCC in Jan 2009. That Judith Woodman lied about her knowledge of any negligence, is as criminal as the Speaker of the House of Commons using public money in an attempt to hide the abuse of privilege by MP’s of expenses. I have provided evidence of her being aware of the negligence in my blogs that, both you and Mr. Gaughan appear to have ignored for your own Purposes.

Given that Mr. Gaughan is a member of CCC I made it clear to him that I would find it remarkable for him to put in a report that would in any way be detrimental to officers of CCC and it appears that my fears for that have come to pass. Pity that there is no independent people looking into it all, or is that your role Mr. Rogers. So How about an independent air-born or floor to ceiling sound transmission test and oh I wonder if it will conclude that the remedy of Two further layers of plaster board on the ceiling exacerbated rather than minimised the floor to ceiling transmission values. I say this as when they did their initial test after the work was completed, they complained that their machine was not functioning properly, and when they came again rather than have it placed on the ceiling they had it on a tripod off the ground.

I will attach the email sent to Mr. Parry regarding the last time Mr. Fowler and Mr. Tram were threatening to beat the crap outta me. I notice that Mr. Parry did not pass on that email, its only unfortunate that my video camera was not working properly at the time to have captured their antics, a copy of said email was sent to Mr. Gaughan but again it would seem that he has ignored that part of the complaint entirely. One wonders why Eh Crazydave.

I wonder also Mr. Rogers how it is that you can claim there has been no complaints made regarding noise it runs through the blogs, it is evident in the videos, copies have been sent to all members of the hierarchy at CCC, the Welsh Assembly there’s even the corporate complaint 99-3-2 regarding it, frankly your assertion in regards to this is a flagrant untruth, but then that does not surprise me given all that I have been through. But I would like it to end and I would like it to end soon.

I would have thought that the video of Mr. Down’s incitement to violence would have brought some immediate response from either your office or CCC or the Welsh Assembly or my Assembly Member or the Police Authority but oh no its Crazydave they can do what ever they choose to that Awipe. I will say again if one member of any of the organisations mentioned had acted on my behalf years ago I would not have had to put up with that individual antics on that night.

Paragraph 6, and the housing transfer application. My initial request for re-housing Mr. Rogers first took place in Feb 2002, not as you repeatedly say in 2008. That was first time Mr. Watkins threatened to rip my head off and the engagement of Taff Housing Support Workers, who after three months never fulfilled their remit to re-house me and took the money and ran £1,000 I understand the cost of that waste of my time from the Welsh Assembly Government, and there were issues regarding the type of form they desired vulnerable adults to sign, before being engaged. Like do what we say or you will lose your tenancy, with the support worker being miffed that I refused to sign it. Hardly support Crazydave, nope and given all the other issues around housing of vulnerable adults they offered no real support, and any time Mr. Watkins was around when the Support worker was here, he crept round like a ninja, not the foot stomping bag, dropping, toddler dashing, moronic guffoffing, washing machine rattling, rude and abusing indivvidual I have come to dispise.

When I have occasionally seen Mr. Gem Morris in Tesco I have had to walk down another isle for fear of spitting in his face, and he know full well that he and his organisation let me and all other vulnerable adults down. I can tell by the look on his face when he sees me.

As for the rest of that paragraph, the form you mention was filled in by a support worker at the probation service, a competent employee one would have thought, but then I have serious misgivings about that organisation and complaints made to them of Criminal Negligence by CCC and the Welsh Assembly government. Those misgivings have been highlighted in the blogs as well, if you care to read them. Plus you have received the blog that mentions that there are many women in this city who are having their mortgages paid for by the state for their ill health. That indeed the state could given that they currently own a Lions share in the banks easily procure a home for the likes of me, where I will not have my peaceful enjoyment ruined by other human beings, and where the Housing benefit system will fund the interest payments.

After all, if you look at the latest video, the Daily Express Shameless video you will see that the state is willing to pay one individual £432,000.00 per annum for their mortgages and not receive anything in the way of capital assets for that spend. Given that I would be bequeathing the property back to the State on my demise, at least they would be gaining that. It is only lack of imagination that they are not willing to do this on my behalf, or prejudice. As for the rest, it seems pointless to send the form back given my previous blog which you have been provided with a copy. The Anywhere was the stipulation that I had that they refused to accept as an area, anywhere to me Mr. Rogers is anywhere in the EU, not just Cardiff and if they can find student accommodation from the EU in Cardiff, then that also, is not as unlikely a request as some might think.

Why are they so unwilling to look at these options, well you would have to ask Mr. Rhodri Morgan that question, you would have to ask the Prime Minister that question and as the unemployment figures continue to rise the government will be paying the mortgages of a heck of a lot more people in the coming years, as many will become surplus to requirements in the working world due to age.

As for paragraph 7 in the Council letter to me urging the filling in of the form and the assistance from Lisa Clarke had you read the blogs you would understand my feelings towards her, and I will repeat for the record Mr. Rogers that had I the means to engage a solicitor or barrister I would be suing Lisa Clarke for her part in the negligence with respect to my health n welfare. Those letters of hers for me to remove my screens, if she was so adamant that they were an infringement of my rights as a tenant can you tell me why she never did get a court order, can you tell me why the boys from her second letter never turned up to take them down and charge me for doing so. I put it to you Mr. Rogers she never followed up because a Judge would have looked at all the evidence I have so diligently amassed and found her party to the abuse.

Not that it matters much any longer, what with the Sacrifice videos, or didn’t you care to look at them Mr. Rogers? (from the lack of views of them it seems that many of the Usual Suspects have not viewed them) The same as, 'how many times have you requested a fence for the back garden from the Council Crazydave?' Yep how many times have I had to mention that Mr. Rogers but our Lib Dem Council Leader simply ignores those, as does Judith Woodman as does all the Usual Suspects, and that is another issue your determination would prefer not to deal with. I will repeat here ‘Cardiff County Council deemed an unfit social landlord’ that would be a just result for all tenants if their antics here are paralleled across the city.

If I were a home owner in this city paying the community charge I would be demanding that they sell off their housing stock so that the £30 million in rent rebates are not being misused to fudge the general fund figures now that they are no longer in the Rent Revenue Account. As a tenant I am demanding that so that we don’t have depreciation used as a new means of fudging the Rent Revenue Account by another £30 million and I wonder why there is not a criminal investigation into that, because I am not satisfied with assurances from councillors that there is nothing wrong with this practice.

Why? Quite simply would there be £30 million in rent rebates in the General Fund Account if the tenancies were now held in a Trust or Housing Association. I believe that the answer would be 'no Crazydave'. I would also like to know why it is that I have a letter from a councillor explaining to me that this was done on the insistence of the Welsh Assembly Government mindful as I am of the 2004/2005 weekly protest outside there with my ‘When Chief Constable when’ banner asking for the Fraud Squad to look into the Rent Revenue Account and as ever hearing nothing from anyone about that complaint. I wonder what difference the additional £300 million lost to that piece of corruption or mismanagement would have made to this cities housing needs, if it hadn’t been siphoned off in the manner it has been these last ten years? That the Ombudsman does not wish to investigate that issue in this determination of yours again does not surprise me, but it does reflect the negligence with which this council treats its tenants. Why it is not urging tenants to demand Trust status out of the hands of this Council ownership again is remarkable, especially when so many other council across Wales since my protest at the Welsh Assembly have been urging their tenants to vote for just that.

Paragraph 8 you might be satisfied that the Council have dealt with my correspondence in a appropriate and timely fashion Mr. Rogers but obviously I am not. For instance the Lisa Clarke letters about the fence etc and my request for Corporate Complaint number since Jan 2006 still outstanding, as is the one of Criminal Negligence made to Mr. Parry and the rest of the Council in Jan 2009, that your determination is based around where are they???? While you might belly ache that blogs and videos are ‘not a satisfactory or recognised form of communication’ well when I am told that the nuisance neighbour booklet they dish out are ‘insufficient evidence’ wondering then why it is that they even bother giving them to people or wasting taxpayers monies on getting them printed if they are as worthless as they have told me. Video evidence I would have presumed carried that little bit more weight. Plus we are in a new age now Mr. Rogers and the blogs I have produced are really letter of complaint shared with the world. Citizen Journalist the BBC likes to call them, but only if your living in a COUNTRY OUTSIDE THE UK.

In general officials have not just been directed to my home page often to often they have been issued with the latest blog, with a remember for a full list of blogs go to so I find that your assertion that they cannot ascertain the validity of a complaint a load of hogwash, even if some do contain several issues in one post.

Paragraph 9 I’ve had no dealings with any Alan Clouth of Adult Services Mr. Murphy is the only person I have had any direct contact and you would have seen had you looked at the difficulty I had with getting a timely email reply from him. I did not turn down the assessment for not wanting to see Mr. Jawad. I turned the assessment down because of my previous dealings with the Mental Health Services in Cardiff whom I found protect their own, when complaints of incompetence, are made by clients.

I wonder why it is that someone unfit for work on mental health grounds for 12 years has to see a mental health team worker in order for an assessment for a social workers assistance anyway???? Had Mr. Murphy told me I would have to first have a assessment by their mental health team in order to qualify for a social workers assistance I would have told him there and then ‘no thank you’ but I was under the illusion that his offer ‘would you like a social worker’ at our Jan 2009 meeting was a done deal. You will see on one of my first banners, the ‘CARDIFF COUNTY COUNCILS SOCIAL SERVICES REVIEW PAYS LIP SERVICE TO CLIENT ISSUES’ banner that at the bottom it reads ‘Mr. Chapman I refuse to be a conduit of wealth to some other enabling agency again’ and also the ‘vulnerable adults just cash cows for the professional elite’ banner.
There was no real need for me to go to this assessment if they were serious about providing me with real help Mr. Rogers, after all I have made my feeling know about mental health services employees as merely ‘voyeurs of other people inner landscapes’ is all they are to me. That and pill pushers or drug pushers for the pharmaceutical industry, and for those GP who pushed the product Seroxat on their clients knowing full well that many users were attempting suicide while using it, corporate manslaughter by neglect ought to have been the verdict on any and all whose client committed suicide while using it. Especially when they were aware that there was an issue, yet carried on prescribing. Eh BMA big wig dudes!

You ought to know that since that unfortunate meeting with Mr. Jawad way back when in 2000 if my memory serves me well, I have not been registered with any doctor what so ever, as I do not feel that Bro Taff Health Authority deserve monies from central government via me for one of them, given all that happened around that time in my life. That I could use one to assist me in moving and in signing a form so that rather than have to walk or ride everywhere I might have had free bus travel these last long years, would have been nice, but then Cardiff County Council has to have a form signed by one of them and I am not aware of medical services in Gabalfa offering this service to its clients who like me don’t have a doctor.

Paragraph 10 I will deal with this with the contempt it so richly deserves, I am not aware that there is a recurring theme in many of my blog posts that says ‘Criminal Negligence by the Establishment’ The only place that I am aware of where I use that phrase is on the home page of my blogs. I believe that I have been pretty much clear on whom I am claiming is unfit for purpose in the individual blogs, like those organisations mentioned at the beginning of this ‘Request for a Review’ letter/blog.

As for complaints being made to a body that is within their jurisdiction, I have repeatedly requested a public inquiry into all the matters raised in my blogs n videos could you point out to whom I might see about that. As for submitted in the appropriate format via the appropriate channels, is the format a letter? and do you know the cost it would have caused me to contact all the Usual Suspects as I have so diligently done since computers were introduced into the library service? and while the Ombudsman might not be able to investigate Criminal Negligence matters, he may well be able to investigate those malfeasance actions those Mal-administrative actions, that ultimately are the creators of Criminal Negligence. In this Computer Age the use of video and email and blogs are the appropriate form of communication and if I am one of the first to make it the norm when dealing with the likes of the Ombudsman, councillors the police or the Welsh Assembly Government and that at Westminster, well that’s tough on those who are hide bound by the past Mr. Rogers. After all don't you use email, and perhaps even watch training videos in your job, many organisation do.

I trust the forgoing will change you mind about the determination you have reached, however based on previous experience with you office I do not hold my breath and I guess I will have to put up with the continuance of the Criminal Negligence by all and sundry towards my health n welfare, even the DWP if that is specific enough for you Mr. Rogers.

Below is the copy of the email to Mr. Parry regarding the last threat of violence by Mr. Fowler n Tram, as well as the first video placed on youtube of Mr. Fowler in action and I would hope that you hear the first part of what I ask him. Then there is the Mr. Downs video url if that is indeed his name, given that a letter arrived on the doorstep for one Ethel Downey this week.
I almost forgot, as for Judge Hickinbottom its not his role as aJudge that needs investigating its in his role as the Chief Commissioner for the DLA Tribunal Service, that could not would not provide me with a statement of reasons, and made out that I had to ask for it in specific words when the, subject heading of my email to them did just that. I am still awaiting their arrival all these long years later.

Yours seeking social justice David Gabriel aka Crazydave aka Daoud Jibreel

Here is a copy of my first email to Mr. Gaugan to help him with his enquiries.

To help you with your report n save you some time‏
From:david gabriel
Sent:07 August 2009 14:43:37

Hi Dave, Jonathan

This was uploaded the 7th june so the incident is in that time frame to save you searching, so far there have been 18 views Mr. Watkins lodger wanting violence. This is the blog that sent the video evidence published the 8th June.

Here is the blog created following the youtube video of Mr. Fowler in action here is the video The IPCC failed to investigate why south wales police have done nothing about this claim, and it is another reason why Mr. Fowler might have wanted me long gone the gang of 4 assembly members given information on this failed to press the police. Odd that Hyper Value stopped selling the product though isn't it, especially when I started using the same images for my banners. Intellectual property theft.

This deals with the Malfeasance of my MP's office

This is the last recorded incident of Mr. Watkins abusive towards me manner the 19th March 09 and my independant witness to it although none of the usual suspects have asked me who they were or where they can be contacted well the apple tree will not be cutting off his light now will it.

An example of the washing machine in action uploaded march 26 2008 uploaded the 14th may 2009.

Today in my youtube comments pending I had this 123paulvicci has posted a comment on your profile:

I am sick to death of listening to people like you. Moaning about why everybody cannot pay for and sort all my problems.If you put as much effort into sorting out your issues as you do into whinging then society would be a darn sight better. GROW UP

This comment requires your approval. You can approve or reject it by visiting your comments page. I like to checkout the people who leave these types of comments and this is what I discovered
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You will note that they joined yesterday have not viewed any videos just 2 channels, and they get to try and leave a comment. I wonder if youtube can trace them??? Not that Mr. Fowler would be stupid enough to use his first name or would he, plus I believe that he is older than that. Co-incidence I don't think so. Obviously I delete this type of comment and if I do get more of a similar vein I block the user.

So far I have heard nothing about this video and the damage not that they can do anything to the front now

you must pardon my language but when I am annoyed it turns blue.

The Garden in the spring So that you can see what I have sacrificed If anything else comes to mind or you wish to contact me further you now have my email address your David Gabriel aka Crazydave aka Daoud Jibreel 15 G Gabalfa Cardiff

Here is the 2nd email to Mr. Gaughan (I received no confirmation of receipt for either)

Some more evidence of neglect and harassment‏
From: Crazydave
Sent:11 August 2009 13:18:35

Hi GentlemenI havent added this email to the blogs or at least I cannot check it on blogger, as the council still has not withdrawn its block on my accessing my blogs. Although I can still blog I just cannot read the finished thing, but have to go to edit in order to verify, a lengthy process. I guess you realise who Jeff Parry is at Cardiff County Council. While the whole incident did not record for some inexplicable reason I do have bits of the onslaught that day recorded.

There are still outstanding issues over post and postal addresses and Mr. Watkins name appearing on the Electoral register for both mine and his flat. How that came about the Ombudsman doesn't appear to care, also there is the same with the TVlicensing, the identity theft issues, if you check with South Wales Police they had Mr. Watkins car registered to my address but the TV Licensing video url is here

Also can you tell me if there are any other complaints by Mr. Watkins or Lodger that you did not mention at our meeting that are outside 'the ordinary everyday ussage'? All the Best Yours David Gabriel

From: Crazydave


Subject: threats of violence

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 17:07:57 +0000

Hi Jeff

Yesterday when out in my garden Mr. Fowler and Mr. Tram were up to no good again, firstly I do not respond to being called 'Baldy hey baldy I wanna word with you' from Mr. Fowler or that they both then preceded to threaten to 'Fuck me up' unfortunately my video camera did not capture the full onslaught, I guess in all the heat of the situation I miss hit the record button. It seems that Mr. Tram is now claiming that I attacked him from behind, but then he is a fantasist and compulsive liar.

Now I understand that the council cannot stop them from building a porch but they appear to have enough breeze blocks to build the wall between them and 15a garden space. I would a) like the council as my landlord to take out an injunction on my behalf forbidding these sons of bitches from ever speaking to me or making asinine comments in my direction while I am still at 15 gxxx xx, and b) if the planning department did pass their changed plans dismissing my appeal against it being built while living at n15 the they have a change of mind now??????????????

I did not bother contacting the Police over this incident as they have been and still probably are aiding n abetting Cardiff County Council in its criminal negligence towards my health n welfare, and as the blogs of mine mention they did nothing about the allegations I made when under caution regarding their arrest of me for the 'common assault charge' made by Mr. Tram last Easter 2008, I presume that they would have done nothing about yesterdays incident, with the old no proof excuse.

I shall be forwarding this to the Usual Suspects, and along with all county councillors of Cardiff County Council I hold the Welsh assembly Government as equally culpable in allowing these turkeys to keep getting away with this kind of behaviour. Harassment threats of violence etc. Odd that later on when I went visiting a friend, and had to pass them on my way out, they were as meek as sheep, I guess they never got enough love as kids, or got away with being bullies that they keep on with their childish behaviour into adulthood. Of course if something had been done about Mr. Fowler at the time of the Nuisance neighbour video available on my youtube site notified to all the Usual Suspects, then maybe my sunday out my back this last weekend would have been a peaceful one free of these numbnuts.

Its only unfortunate that I do not have neighbours who would likely confirm what I have written today, no doubt all would say they were out or that they didn't hear a thing. but then If anyone did a survey of them by the council one might just surprise me.

For those wondering about the reference to Mr. Peter Tyndall on the header.

In Tuesdays the 2nd Sept 2009 issue of the South Wales ECHO, the front page had an article regarding the Ombudsman (Mr. Tyndall) finding Cardiff County Council mal-admin over a women who had been terrorised by another tenant. That there was no evidence of complaints does not surpries me, given what you can read from Mr. Rogers determination. I believe I have highlighted enough since my 2004 demo outside the Welsh Assembly and in blogs and videos to lay that claim of no complaints received to bed once and for all or do I have to publish the list of the Usual Suspects who have received copies of these once again Mr. Rogers???

That is it for me for today. I will have to go to an internet cafe now Mr. Rogers as the Ombudsman refuses to call Cardiff County Council to account over the limited access to blogger that I am still facing, and in order to copy paste the blog to email and send it. Political Censorship from a local council Mr. Rogers is not democracy. While I am mindful that I have not covered all that I would like in this reply it will surfice for now.

I shall be adding Abby Alfords email to the list of Usual Suspects though the Sw Echo Journalist who wrote the article about Mr. Tyndall's determination that apparently has to go to full council. I would like to see the Full Council held for questioning under caution for aiding n abetting criminal negligence Mr. Rogers given that nothing has changed, and I would like to see the prohibition of certain types of questions a citizen can ask as a public question ended. So that Article 10 of the Human Rights act is not thwarted. I would like also to live in a home where Article 8 of the same act is not so flagrantly abused as it is in the property I currently reside.

Should anything else come to mind I shall do mybest to let you know. The biggest Irony of all is that in todays SW ECHO they ran an front page on Cardiff County Council using dimmer switches for street lighting, as opposed to shutting them off. If you cared to read the blogs in their entirety you would note that it was Crazydave who first mooted the idea, I have talked with those living through the blitz years, and they did not find that crime increased due to it.

I wonder if Banki Moon would be appopleptic with the Welsh Assembly over not investing in the Water Wheel as a means of sustainable renewable energy that may just may cut carbon emmission in Wales by 50%, given that we are a water rich nation.

All the Best People i.e. Adiquate housing for all, and watchdogs who do not sleep.


I have heard nothing since sending this blog to the Local Government Ombudsman or any of the other Usual Suspects. So today I have put up on youtube the first part of the meeting with Mr. Gaughan and his associate. I trust that it makes for interesting listening. I hope that someone might just notice the complaints that are made and how come it appears none of those got into this report of Mr. Gaughans from what Mr. Rogers says?

Here then is the video url This was shot on August the 7th 2009. Isn't that right Mr. Rogers and not one person has cared to act on my behalf. So I am still having sleepless nights cos of the lodger n crew.

For clarification Mr. Rogers I do suffer with Tinnitus, and that began from my hours of singing outside the Welsh Assembly through 2004 and 2005, trying to draw someones attention to my plight, but not one of the scumbags, and that is what they are in my eyes Mr. Rogers gives a tupenny stuff for the have nots, self evident from me being here typing this in 2009. A wholesale turning of their backs. Odd that on the day that I first started this blog that the World Health Organisation were having a meeting regarding the rise in depression that they are forcasting for the next 20 years, and the debilitating effect that can have on the individual.

For those who suffer it, the media make out that they are maligers or worse. But this Welsh Assembly and Cardiff County Council would house them in situations that are only guaranteed to make matters worse. I would like to see that end Mr. Rogers, and I would like to see a public inquiry on why there has been this wholesale prejudice to any assistance from anyone on my behalf. Over the years I have grown people unfreindly due to lots of reasons, living with them over your head taking the piss I can really do without. Your delay in getting active to end it Mr. Rogers appears to me that you are just another one of many like Rhodri Morgan, like Rodney Berman or Judith Woodman who must take some kind of perverse pleasure in my continued suffering. Eh Mr Gaughan.

P.S. I am still having my blogger account not fully active. A phone call would be all that it takes from your department to re-instate that to full working order, Mr. Rogers.

And that is enough of another day in my life looking for some action from someone somewhere, I might even put up my DWP video and the comments made on their Medical Services form and wonder why nothing has come of those complaints to that body. One being the DWP criminally Negligent towards my health and welfare. Good Day.

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